Concept Layout & Design for the private office of a Local Investment Group's CEO. 
We kept the plan open so as to maintain the vastness of the space, Introduced bespoke mechanical louvres to act as curtains controlling the amount of light into the space, and electrochromic "Smart" Glass partitions to control privacy level around the meeting table; which is the highlight of the design: A slick and bold Ribbon reflecting the persona and taste of the Client and occupier.
Bespoke louvres open and shut mechanically in order to shield off the unattractive views outside primarily and dim the natural ambient light for video presentations.
The Divider Glass Panels offer selectable privacy levels by "dimming" the glass' transparency from clear to Opaque using electrochromic smart glass.
A Bespoke & Sculptural meeting table designed by Amer Abidi serving also as a highlight feature visible upon Entrance.

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