The NUB: Hub of the Pubs

The Nub is a pub with a very laid back setting based on the idea of a mans getaway – the mancave. The idea that you go underground into it emphasise the experience of the concept. You are greeted by its diverse types of mancave lounge settings to suit everyones cozy mood. You get to chose your getaway, relocating yourself from the office in our airy business cigar lounge, to the hip music area downstairs, the travellers inspirational journey or the fanatic footie fan. The Nubs mancave idea is fit to make you feel at home with well thought of and personalised touches that bring the concept to life. A very unique billiards lounge caters for communal activity with pub colleagues and the long elevated slick bar brings the place together complimented with its extensive beverage menu of every spirit. The Nub is the peoples pub, the hub of all pubs where you unwind after a long days work or just hit it at casual noon time with a buddy and some good old pub grub.

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