Marina Market : Talabay Aqaba

The approach we took was extremely focused on the context of the supermarkets location and obviously its given name. Talabay is a high-end boutique-like bay on the Red Sea in South of Jordan. It is plotted with the vision of a village atmosphere using a very trendy avant-garde style. Marina Market being the only supermarket of that area was expected by Talabay guidelines to adapt to the context and vision applied. Hence the style approach of the brand is a home felt, sketchy yet sophisticated boutique brand. We also capture for the logo the combined efforts behind its designated name by elaborating a filled up market bag imposed by waves of the sea side. In the interiors of the space we felt that people were misguided as to find what they are looking for. We were lucky enough to have high ceilings, which through our branding language were able to use them to indicate directional signs while maintaining the coziness the brand creates, and a continuity of the shelf products as not to chop off the height and openness that the space already comfortably provides. Our approach is to keep the brand image as light and cool as a summer breeze, attracting all vacationers and maintaining an inviting home friendliness in its presence.


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